WWFeko. 2008. DeBrazzas - en sällsynt markatta. # 3:omslagsbild

(De Brazzas - a rare guenon. #3: cover image)




WWFeko. 2008. DeBrazzas - karismatisk och sällsynt i Afrikas skogar. # 3:20-21

(DeBrazzas - carismatic and rare in Africa's forests.)





WWFeko. 2009. Leoparden lockar med sin närvaro. # 2:22-25

(The Leopard entice with its precence.)




Camera Natura. 2010. DeBrazzas Apa - Nyfiken och Graciös. # 2:54-59

(DeBrazzas Monkey - Curious and Gracious)





Journal: South African Journal of Wildlife Reserach

Title: Assessment of a top-trophic carnivore density in a potential stepping stone habitat using a non-invasive method adapted for pilot studies.

Authors: Henrik Svengren and Mats Björklund





Uppsala University. 2008. Leopard survey in Sangare Ranch Conservancy, Kenya, using noninvasive methods including individual identification from faecal DNA.

# 1307





Stockholm University. 2002. A Study of the Environmental Conditions in Lake Nakuru, Kenya, Using Isotope Dating and Heavy Metal Analysis of Sediments.





Exhibition 'Africa's Pink Lake'. Text and images about environmental problems in the watershed to Lake Nakuru. Environmental chemistry and ecology with emphasison the toxicology surrounding the mass death of flamingo.



Ängelholms City Library. 2004, 10v.

Helsingborgs City Library. 2004, 4v.

Landskrona City Library. 2004, 5v.

Malmö City Library. 2005, 4v.

Lunds City Library. 2006, 5v.




Copyright Henrik Svengren 2014 - All rights reserved




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