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shape, color and life in nature grant us an infinite source of inspiration, beauty and happiness



I who photograph are 38 years of age and academically educated in biology and chemistry. Since 1992 I have spent a total of 6,5 years in East Africa within wildlife conservation, photography and reserach. On this website you can see a selection of my images, read about unusual species in Kenya and about my background and time in Africa.




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To spread knowledge about what I fight for is meaningful and fun for me. Through lecturing I like to talk about my experiences in wildlife conservation and reserach in East Africa. Does this sound interesting? Contact me for a closer discussion!


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If you like an image and would like to use it I will be happy! Of course there is a lot of work behind an exposure. To travel to the scene, spend time at the site and produce a high quality image that can be reproduced professionally cost a lot of time and money. Equipment for this type of images is also very expensive. In relation to commercial image agencies I choose to sell imgages privately to a fixed low price. A compromise I have done not to involve an intermediary third party. If you click on to my contacts on your right you will see information and price on how to purchase an image.



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