DeBrazza's Guenon 


Cercopithecus neglectus


The rare DeBrazza’s guenon has a peculiar appearance resembling an old melancholic man with a white beard. This look actually goes well with the behaviour of this small monkey. Normally guenons are rather tense and afraid around humans and take off in the canopies already at an early distance. DeBrazza’s are a bit cool, they may as well just sit back behind the leaves letting you pass by very closely without you even realized it was there. Curious as it is, it might sneak a peep between the leaves if you give it some time. It is difficult to find them inside a big forest like Kisere forest in Kenya. Once found the thick vegetation makes it is very hard to produce clear photographs as the monkey is hiding in the thickets and moving quickly from hide to hide. I had the great opportunity to follow a few wild populations of DeBrazza’s regularly during one year with my camera. It was an exciting encounter and I got a large collection of high quality images of wild DeBrazza’s everyday life. I also had the honour of having photographs published in WWF magazine ‘WWFeko’ and in the fine photography journal ‘Camera Natura’. See links under ‘Publications’ on your right.

The DeBrazza’s are found only in few places in east Africa and in the Congo Basin. The east African populations are very vulnerable are potentially facing extinction. In the Congo Basin no one knows how abundant they are nowadays.

The typical habitat is also a habitat that is very beautiful. Moisturous environments close to a river in thick, high, closed canopy forest describes well the typical habitat. Of course this is a very exciting environment to trek in. De value of this Guenon would most certainly have an economic weight in tourism because of its beauty. DeBrazza’s are definitely of a thrilling attraction while visiting these beautiful forests. 


Copyright Henrik Svengren 2014 - All rights reserved



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