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Nature and wildlife have interested me since childhood, a time where a 200 litre aquarium opened an ocean to a five year old boy who figured out that the green areas in the world atlas, that’s the place to be. Eleven years later my first trip went to Seychelles Islands and a world of tropical paradise lay in front of my feet. I couldn’t believe my eyes; it was just too beautiful to be true! I remember it as if it was yesterday. This was the setoff in my life to an era in the tracks of natural sciences that later gave me two master megrees, one in chemistry year 2002 and one in biology 2008, and a total of 6,5 years spent in East Africa since 1992.


After the arrival to Kenya 1992 the firs trips there became an adventure as I bought a 1967 year of manufacture Land Rover 109” Station Wagon. Wildlife management appealed to me and when I established contacts in Kenya Wildlife Service, I launched my ideas to the present warden in Shimba Hills National Park and was later invited as guest to the official opening of the Mwaluganje Elephant Community Reserve in Kwale District, eastern Kenya. Hereafter the cooperation went further and both my university degrees were finalized by performing research about Kenyan wildlife.






In the spring 1997, at 22 years of age, myself and a friend drove to Kenya by road from Sweden in a 1964 year of manufacture Volvo 939, an old 4WD military truck from the Swedish Armed Forces. It was a fantastic journey filled with unpredictability. The aim was not only adventure, but also a first part of a planned aid project about sustainable agriculture. But the project was put on ice, I later within the year instead chose to study chemistry at Umeĺ University in northern Sweden.


The years since, have been a constant travelling between Sweden and East Africa.  Among many things, I participated in different wildlife management projects. After holding the Master Degree in Chemistry, employment, further studies and research in Kenya have filled up my life. In 2010 my first scientific article was published and later the same year I joined cooperation with Bongo Surveillance Project, a work that I find important and meaningful and that I try to push hard for.


In Kenya, my base during most of the time has been around Kitale in western Kenya, near Mt Elgon. When I work in the field, I sleep in a tent and carry complete equipment in my old Land Rover 109” manufactured 1975, which I thoroughly rebuilt and modified to an excellent tool for wildlife photography.




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